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About Us

eIndia Systems is a focused enterprise solution provider for effective business growth and excellence.

eIndia Systems is Proprietorship IT Firm, the team has an average industry experience of 10+ years in building IT solutions for both large and small customers across the globe. The founders of the company have in the past held different position in different IT industries which help gain experience and expertise in operating this company.

Company Registration Number: 29910586798


  • An organization of skilled people whose mission is to provide technology solutions which improves the overall functioning of an organization or business groups
  • Invent technology solutions like ERP which are ready made / tailor made for business groups/organizations for affordable prices
  • Mobile applications for easy information access at finger tips


These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behavior as we work towards our vision.

  • Quality - Our focus is on the people we serve and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement
  • Commitment – To make sure that customers get what they are promised
  • Honesty – We always believe that honesty is still the best policy


Technology solutions for one and all