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First 100 customers of FSMS product to receive 25% discount on product price as launch offer

FSMS (Fuel Station Management System)

  • A software designed to cover all aspects of managing (book keeping) a fuel station (commonly known as petrol pump) with its power packed modules.
  • Provide you a better control over your day to day Fuel Station working.
  • Indents, Sales, and Purchases can be managed easily.
  • Details available on finger tips
  • Balance sheets, profit/loss statements can be calculated at regular intervals
  • Effective ROI


  • Priced at 1 lakh rupees per installation per fuel station with any number of users (plus 5.5% VAT)
  • Currently as part of launch offer, 25% discount is being offered to first 100 customers
  • 3 months maintenance is free
  • AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) - 10% product cost (product upgrades will be free)

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Reduced costs - easily reduces employee effort for book keeping using this product, just by doing this, we can get back the product cost with in a years time
  • Inventory can always be sync with the sales by which customer satisfaction can be achieved
  • Easy GUI and information is available at the click of button
  • Easy to calculate sales, keep track of purchases and collections, in addition daily, monthly reports are readily available at any point of time
  • Easy to calculate balance sheets and profit and loss statements through which proper process can be in place to avoid any further losses if any